Happy New Years!

It's been so long since I've written on this blog really need to try to get back on here but ever since I found out about my pregnancy, yes I am pregnant again! My life has been a little more tiring and hectic. We successfully went through Christmas, it wasn't as full as we like since a lot of the family members were missing but regardless we had a good time and traversed into a new year. Living on one income is kinda hard. So I've been researching into frugal, minimalist, Eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyle. It is quite interesting of course there are some that I might not be able to switch over to but I can compromise with the rest. So starting this month on this year I am hoping to save us some money since we will soon be a family of four in an apartment for one. There are absolutely so many things I want to do to get us further along into our plan instead of being stuck in one spot for the rest of our lives. Who would want to live in an apartment for the rest of their lives? I sure don't nor can I, if my husband and I are planning to have five kids. Yes, five kids, you read that right we are planning to have that many. So in order to get ourselves in a spot in time where we own our home and can and be able to live with our future five kids we need to make drastic changes. I have searched throughout the web on any information and tips on how to live a full life, yet despite being restricted, be able to enjoy without breaking the bank. I will soon post my adventures of switching certain areas in my life to a different lifestyle.

Christmas Presents Under the Tree!


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