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So I love cooking! But when you have a busy life it's kinda hard to make it, record it, and type it out. Especially when my life contains a very tired husband, a very needy child, and an apartment to constantly clean. But it's okay I'll figure something out, there has to be a way to juggle everything and keeping it maintained. 
I recently visited the Honk Kong Market, and I have to tell you it was pretty awesome. I adore the place. My favorite store so far. It has so many things like bowls, Kitchen utensils, noodles of all type, tea of all kinds of flavor, Ramen, meat, Seafood, rice of all kinds, and my favorite is the desserts and the snacks. My favorite flavor is green tea! I love green tea I even found Green tea Udon noodles! there is this very soft bread that is rolled up with cream on the inside and it is so soft moist and delicious!! the first time I tasted this was when I was in 8th grade and a had a  science project about the family tree of...Trees! we agreed t…