Valentine's Day!

Okay, I've been away for a bit and sorry about that. I've been preparing for Valentines Day and getting my husband's presents to be delivered on time and stressing out about what else to write. It's okay though I am back, stress-free and ready to write. I've picked up reading again and I decided to read a bit to relieve myself of the agonizing stress. Anyways I am here now and I will tell you what happened.

So Valentine's Day is a very romantic day for some of us, it is unfortunate for those that can't experience showing your love to your partner. But onward chicas your partner, soul-mate will be by your side one day just be patient. I wanted to make this day extra special. Especially since it was on a Wednesday and my husband works up to 12 hours 5-7 days a week. so I was going to make it as special as it can be. First thing I did was look up for wallets, he has been complaining and his stuff would get stuck from time to time. So a found a wallet that was perfect for him. Also bought a grooming kit for his beard, a chocolate Reeses, and two pairs of gauges. I set up the dining area and cleaned the whole apartment. I had to clean for three days straight since I had to do little by little since it isn't easy doing anything with a 7-month-old rampaging the place. 

 So I prepared everything of course not in time but it was still okay since my husband had another gift to get before he came home. I got my daughter and I bathed and dressed up when my husband arrived. I couldn't get the food ready since I got carried away and distracted by my daughter wanting some attention. My husband was still very impressed that I could do everything else. So after he showered and got dressed. We opened our presents that we got each other. I am very touched and grateful that I met him and married him. He got me two complete sets of gauges, the beginner set with some swirls, turquoise color. I absolutely love them. I also got a Nix a digital picture frame. Which is pretty damn cool because I take so many pictures that are important to me. Like seriously I have a hard drive of one terabyte full of pictures, and it's not even half full yet, but it is getting there. When he arrived home he had a bouquet of white tipped with dark pink roses and in between them a few white carnations and some other type of flower. They were beautiful!

After our presents, he helped me make dinner. Since it takes the two of us to cook. With our daughter screaming at us for attention. We had to block her entrance to the kitchen since she likes to get right behind us and start scratching our legs or pull on our clothes. By the way, she gets around in a walker.  So we were there talking to our daughter while making dinner. Once we got done, we cleared the table of our presents and I got her bottle ready since she likes to eat when we are eating. We had sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. I cooked the steak with some Korean BBQ sauce and added a bit of mesquite, paprika, and cayenne pepper. It was superb, it was absolutely delicious!

Afterwards, we enjoyed the rest of the night watching anime and the Olympics. Of course, he had to sleep early, but he was stubborn and refused to go to sleep and let this night end, even though, he kept dozing off while sitting on the couch. Relentlessly he went to bed to be able to go to work the next day. And that is how our day ended, to me, it was the best valentines day that I have ever had by far.


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