Children & Expectation

"Are you stupid, why can't you do anything right? Eres una Burra!" 

    I grew listening to this over and over everytime I failed at bringing home a single A or 100, with all the school work that was given. To be honest, I think that's where my depression started from being traumatized by the fear of failing at anything I do. The way I and my mother had to survive the wrath of my father everytime we failed to do anything right. I did not enjoy my childhood at all. I barely enjoyed the first few years of my life, let alone school.  I hardly remember the good times. All I can remember is bits and pieces. 

    Until the moment, I started school, from then on my world, came crashing down. My life was challenging and it is still hard to tell anyone of all the sadness and fear I had. I was expected to be perfect in every way and aspect of my very soul and being. I was required to bring home A's or 100's and be at the top of my class. When I couldn't do such thing I would get punished. It went on and on it felt like it was taking forever to free myself. Until I finally did. I had two days left before I had to graduate and I had one more test to pass to officially get my diploma. Let's simply say my father and I got into an argument and it led me to, do the one thing that I was most afraid of, standing up to myself even if I ended up getting hit. I would pick myself up and take my stand. Well even though I felt a bit of victory for doing so, my father ended up being the "victim" and I ended up in jail, for just one night though. To tell you the truth it was worth it. I no longer have the same fear anymore. Instead of cowering and giving up, I made a commitment to taking action and do whatever it takes to protect and make things right. I became my own person. I reclaimed my life, soul and very being. Oh, I almost forgot, I was able to be discharged in time to take my test, my last test of the year. And graduate and receive my diploma. Even though this is behind us, my father and I are in better understanding of each other. But it took quite a lot of sadness, fear, and pain to be at this point. 

    So if you are expecting your child to be the best, why not do the best you can to support what they really want to be or do with their lives. Allow them to decide, and just raise them to be strong, independent and fierce yet noble and kind. Children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood. They should be allowed to dream and choose who they wish to grow up to be. They should be able to use their imagination to their maximum potential. 


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