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Valentine's Day!

Okay, I've been away for a bit and sorry about that. I've been preparing for Valentines Day and getting my husband's presents to be delivered on time and stressing out about what else to write. It's okay though I am back, stress-free and ready to write. I've picked up reading again and I decided to read a bit to relieve myself of the agonizing stress. Anyways I am here now and I will tell you what happened.

So Valentine's Day is a very romantic day for some of us, it is unfortunate for those that can't experience showing your love to your partner. But onward chicas your partner, soul-mate will be by your side one day just be patient. I wanted to make this day extra special. Especially since it was on a Wednesday and my husband works up to 12 hours 5-7 days a week. so I was going to make it as special as it can be. First thing I did was look up for wallets, he has been complaining and his stuff would get stuck from time to time. So a found a wallet that was…

Children & Expectation

"Are you stupid, why can't you do anything right? Eres una Burra!" 
    I grew listening to this over and over everytime I failed at bringing home a single A or 100, with all the school work that was given. To be honest, I think that's where my depression started from being traumatized by the fear of failing at anything I do. The way I and my mother had to survive the wrath of my father everytime we failed to do anything right. I did not enjoy my childhood at all. I barely enjoyed the first few years of my life, let alone school.  I hardly remember the good times. All I can remember is bits and pieces. 
    Until the moment, I started school, from then on my world, came crashing down. My life was challenging and it is still hard to tell anyone of all the sadness and fear I had. I was expected to be perfect in every way and aspect of my very soul and being. I was required to bring home A's or 100's and be at the top of my class. When I couldn't do such thing…