Okay, here is the deal I am terrible at de-cluttering. Like no lie, I tend to keep things out of habit. Like mail packages to starburst wrappers. To be honest I am perplexed at what I end up keeping and stashing it away, saying it will be handy someday. I didn't take de-cluttering seriously until I had my baby girl. When we had to leave my husband's parents place to my parent's place for two months then finally into our own apartment, I realized I keep a lot of junk.  Like four huge containers of books, spirals, and random other things. So after settling in and organizing with little space I had, I needed to be able to look through everything I had and started to decide whether I should keep it, throw it away or donate it. To tell you the truth it's quite a relief to slowly do away with stuff. My place is really starting to feel like a home with less cluttering stuff around. Here is a list of stuff I threw away:
1. Rusted Jewelry
2. Boxes (of all sizes!)
3. Used Spirals
4. Rusted Kitchen Utensils
5. School Papers
6. Old Makeup (Never Used!)
7. Old Candy (JapanCrate!)
8. Small things (I've collected throughout the years)
9. Hair Products (barely used)
10. Old Medicine
11. Old Headphones
12. Old Electronics
13. School Books (some!)
14. Lunch Boxes
15. Clothes (don't fit and some I don't even wear)
16. Old Art Supplies
17. Old Games with missing pieces
18. Old Shoes
19. Old Backpacks
20. And any other unnecessary things

I've gotten rid of 1/4 of my things and now there is more space to store the important things!

Grammar Check by: Emilie Parten


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