Quesadillas with a Twist!

We've recently had to cut down on expenses and one of them was eating out! So today we had to do a bit of inventory and see what we had and what to combine together in order to make it a good meal for dinner. On top of our list were flour tortillas, cheese, sweet corn, and red kidney beans. I have to say it was very delicious and very easy to make. Now my husband loves tortillas if it were up to him he would eat quesadillas every day, I on the other can't I need more than just tortillas and cheese especially with my pregnancy, I need more vitamins.  Now this recipe is very easy to make all you need is: A packet of Tortillas ( of your choice) Cheese (shredded or the bar kind) A can of Sweet Corn A can of Red Kidney Beans  Once you have all your ingredients, you can start making it.  First, you drain the beans and the corn add any seasoning you would like to add. We added some chili powder on ours. You then heat up the beans and corn in a small or medium s

Happy New Years!

It's been so long since I've written on this blog really need to try to get back on here but ever since I found out about my pregnancy, yes I am pregnant again! My life has been a little more tiring and hectic. We successfully went through Christmas, it wasn't as full as we like since a lot of the family members were missing but regardless we had a good time and traversed into a new year. Living on one income is kinda hard. So I've been researching into frugal, minimalist, Eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyle. It is quite interesting of course there are some that I might not be able to switch over to but I can compromise with the rest. So starting this month on this year I am hoping to save us some money since we will soon be a family of four in an apartment for one. There are absolutely so many things I want to do to get us further along into our plan instead of being stuck in one spot for the rest of our lives. Who would want to live in an apartment for the rest o


So I love cooking! But when you have a busy life it's kinda hard to make it, record it, and type it out. Especially when my life contains a very tired husband, a very needy child, and an apartment to constantly clean. But it's okay I'll figure something out, there has to be a way to juggle everything and keeping it maintained.  I recently visited the Honk Kong Market, and I have to tell you it was pretty awesome. I adore the place. My favorite store so far. It has so many things like bowls, Kitchen utensils, noodles of all type, tea of all kinds of flavor, Ramen, meat, Seafood, rice of all kinds, and my favorite is the desserts and the snacks. My favorite flavor is green tea! I love green tea I even found Green tea Udon noodles! there is this very soft bread that is rolled up with cream on the inside and it is so soft moist and delicious!! the first time I tasted this was when I was in 8th grade and a had a  science project about the family tree of...Trees! we

Life, Stress and Wedding

Oh man, it's been a very long time since I've written anything and I apologize for that. Had to deal with a ravenous teething baby, and preparing myself for becoming a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. It was stressful and insane but I still enjoyed our little travel with my family. It was challenging and we made it through. Along with having to be a stay-at-home mom and still trying to organize and clean my home all while contemplating and procrastinating about what will happen at the wedding and on how I should style my hair and if I should waste money on buying makeup that I will probably just use once. I got carried away and forgot to keep writing on my blog. But enough of the self-guilt I currently have at the moment. Let me tell you what's been going on and share what happened.  So first off I would like to you tell you that it is very stressful and heartbreaking taking care of a child that is going through the teething stages. To the point where som

Valentine's Day!

Okay, I've been away for a bit and sorry about that. I've been preparing for Valentines Day and getting my husband's presents to be delivered on time and stressing out about what else to write. It's okay though I am back, stress-free and ready to write. I've picked up reading again and I decided to read a bit to relieve myself of the agonizing stress. Anyways I am here now and I will tell you what happened. So Valentine's Day is a very romantic day for some of us, it is unfortunate for those that can't experience showing your love to your partner. But onward chicas your partner, soul-mate will be by your side one day just be patient. I wanted to make this day extra special. Especially since it was on a Wednesday and my husband works up to 12 hours 5-7 days a week. so I was going to make it as special as it can be. First thing I did was look up for wallets, he has been complaining and his stuff would get stuck from time to time. So a found a

Children & Expectation

"Are you stupid, why can't you do anything right? Eres una Burra!"      I grew listening to this over and over everytime I failed at bringing home a single A or 100, with all the school work that was given. To be honest, I think that's where my depression started from being traumatized by the fear of failing at anything I do. The way I and my mother had to survive the wrath of my father everytime we failed to do anything right. I did not enjoy my childhood at all. I barely enjoyed the first few years of my life, let alone school.  I hardly remember the good times. All I can remember is bits and pieces.      Until the moment, I started school, from then on my world, came crashing down. My life was challenging and it is still hard to tell anyone of all the sadness and fear I had. I was expected to be perfect in every way and aspect of my very soul and being. I was required to bring home A's or 100's and be at the top of my class. When I couldn't do


Have you ever had a day where you have to use your email to send or receive something? But you barely use your email or emails? Well, today I decided to clean out my email and check out what I've been receiving...I have over 5, 955 emails all the way from the year 2015. Yes! that is a lot of emails! To tell you the truth I really don't get on my email as often as I should. So now I have to figure out a way to declutter my emails and not let it get this bad. Update: So after organizing and deleting emails...I have successfully decluttered my email!